Monday, December 31, 2007

New Mirrors Retractors are Finally Here!!!

Well, with some help of CAD/CAM, my new mirrors and retractors have finally gotten to a place where I think they work exceptionally well.  I have used them exclusively for the last several weeks and am thrilled with the results.  

So, what makes them different?

Well, I changed the widths a bit so that they are easier to see into by being slightly bigger, but I have also gotten rid of a lot of the "end" bulk, which makes them easier to fit into the mouth.

Additionally, I have made both sides and both ends of the lateral mirrors the same, so it's as if you have 4 of the same mirror for every one you buy. If an end gets scratched up, there are 3 other ends using both sides.

The maxillary and mandibular mirrors are also longer, so there's more places to put your hand without getting them in the way.

Of course, the unique retractors that I use have also been finished and I credit their shape and size to a lot of the detail that I capture in my images. I don't know how I ever practiced without them.

If you're interested in ordering them, please contact me through my website at www.betterdentalimages.com 

Have a great day!!!