Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Wireless Images for Clinical Photography-send to an iPod, phone or computer

I’ve been asked over the last several years if there is any good way to send images to mobile devices such as tablets or phones. With the popularity of iPad and Android tablets, many doctors want to start sharing images immediately with patients.

Though there are many good and bad reasons to warrant carefully deciding if that’s really a good idea, there are now many options for dentistry. I’ve looked at a bunch of different ways, and here is some feedback.

There are some really expensive ways (not what I want to do) and some really inexpensive ways to do it. Problem is, the ones that work with all cameras (expensive modules like the Nikon WT 5A) either cost too much or  aren’t practical and the ones that are inexpensive and work well (Nikon WU-1A) don’t work well for all cameras unless hacked.

The reviews on the Nikon WU-1A have been great, and for less than $50, its a great option-if you happen to use a Nikon D3200. If you use any other type of Nikon, well, you’re out of luck. Remember, it only sends you images to a tablet or phone, which is great ti show a patient, but is otherwise a pain to work with and store.

The Eye-Fi Pro X2 ($99)  is the best option for now, because it fits in every camera, will wirelessly transfer to your computer, tablet or phone quickly and easily. Simply hook up to your office (or home) network, designate the fie to which you want to send it and you’re set. Use the file on your computer the same way you might use a “holding” folder, then transfer them to the desired folder later. It’s a great way to work.

Before you go ahead and take the plunge, give a little thought about the logistics of how you plan on using this technology. How will you store images and if you want patients to sees it on an iPad or other tablet? Think of it in terms of a bigger system. Just remember the words of Steve Jobs...

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

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Best wishes for an awesome 2013!!!