Friday, June 28, 2013

Which dental camera should I buy?

I love to write about ways to help dentists get better images. I discuss things like composition, mirror and retractor position, how to get images without a second operator, getting great depth of field, how to never worry about lighting and a whole host of other things to help dentists get the absolute best images in their community. However, no matter where I go, or who I teach, almost every dentist, assistant or hygienist who approaches me starts with "Which camera should I buy?"

It's a curious question, but one with which I am not surprised. You see, dental professionals are techies, or most are, at least. We love to look through our dental journals and learn about the latest and greatest products and see the new bells and whistles that will make the delivery of care easier and more efficient. Naturally, it would follow that when it comes to cameras, the equipment we choose will make all the difference, right? Well, not really.

I know that right now it's not in vogue to quote Lance Armstrong, but I've long quoted the title of his book "It's not about the bike." When it comes to getting amazing dental images, it's simply not about the camera. Sure, the equipment you use will play a role in your images, to a point, but I have been at dental meetings where I grabbed a point and shoot, took a couple of images and challenged anyone in the room to match my composition and lighting.

Here's a secret you probably already know: The key to exceptional dental images is NOT the camera setup you buy,  but rather, the way you use it. If you have exceptional ability at using mirrors and retractors, you can use virtually any camera and get great images. If you know what a histogram is and how to use f-stops for amazing depth of field, you could use any SLR camera for perfect shots every time regardless of camera brand.

So, the next time you're wondering if you have the right camera setup, feel free to email me at Glenn@Kriegercontinuum.com and ask. Whether it's a 10 year old Fuji S2 or a brand new Nikon D7000, recognize that both of these cameras can give you great images. However, as I tell most who e-mail me, be less worried about your setup and more worried about your skills. Instead of looking to invest in a new camera, consider my 2 clinical photography DVDs and shoot amazing images regardless of your SLR camera setup.

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