Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The 18" ring light that's worth every penny (less than $75)...

Hi everyone.

So, you want awesome postoperative images to show off on social media. Do you want a picture of a patient up against a wall in your office? Maybe you want a white background from a white light box (ugh). Why not put your best foot forward and get a portrait studio in your office? Well, that takes a lot of space and money. Well, there is a solution....

I LOVE photography and have been lecturing internationally on the subject for over 15 years. I love all types of photography, but I'm not willing to spend the time, money or space to set up a studio in my office. Especially not since I came across the world of 18" ring lights.

These things are great. All they are is an 18" fluorescent light in a plastic housing. You plug them in, hold them in front of the patient and shoot through the opening. The result is a beautiful, quick image that you can post on social media and the look is unique, so your images will stand out.

This is just one example of an 18" ring light. It's so easy to use and set up.

My first ever shot with this light a few years ago. You can get amazing  portraits with soft, eve lighting with zero hassle. BTW-the wall isn't black, but depending on how close or far you are, your lighting can change the color of the background. Easy Peezy.

You can find them on Amazon for more money, so just go to eBay where you'll find tons of them.

Of course, it's the intraoral images where I get my best case acceptance and you should learn how to do those exceptionally well, but for quick posts of gorgeous patient faces and to make your patients look their best, go get yourself a ring light.

I promise, they're worth the $75.

Have a great day!


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